CHARiot Lottery Function

CHARiot Lottery is a winner

Lottery image

An innovative addition to our CHARiot EPoS system, our Lottery Function enables charities with in-house lotteries to integrate this growing source of fundraising with retail operations in a single interface.

The CHARiot Lottery equips staff and volunteers with the functionality to sell lottery tickets in-store as part of a retail transaction with minimal key strokes.

The functionality also automatically links the lottery sale with back office systems for quicker and easier reporting.

How the CHARiot Lottery Function Works:

  • Check age – CHARiot will request you check the customer’s age prior to selling a ticket, ensuring you stay within the law
  • Pick type of play – customers can select to play a single time or multi-play over future draws
  • Take details – input the customers details quickly using a postcode lookup
  • Print lottery tickets – the lottery tickets and numbers are printed on the normal receipt
  • Select winner from external system – lottery ticket information links to numerous lottery systems, where the draw will take place
  • Notify winner – once the draw has taken place, you can then notify your customer that they have won.

Key Features:

  • Easily integrated with the CHARiot solution
  • Seamless link with external lottery systems
  • Full lottery sales reporting, including lottery sales through CHARiot’s dashboard
  • Single play and multi-play for future draws
  • Maximise lottery sales by selling tickets up to automated cut-off time
  • Speed up process of lottery sales
  • Easy to use for staff and volunteers
  • Not internet-reliant
  • Select which stores sell lottery


If you have any questions about our Lottery Function, call 01204 706000.