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Increase efficiency and cut queues with our QBuster app

Nisyst Q Buster

CHARiot customers can benefit from our mobile app – a secure and easy-to-use platform that helps staff and volunteers ensure maximum capture of donors’ goods as well as increase Gift Aid contributions.

QBuster can be used anywhere in your shop. It can replace standard donor forms, register donor signatures, generate reports and provide bag drop processing functionality.

With integrated postcode lookup, the app enables staff and volunteers to register new donors anywhere in-store taking the pressure away from the till point whilst cutting out the need for paperwork. It boasts a digital donor form which includes the Gift Aid declaration and Agency Agreement, featuring the required tick box and a functional signature panel.

The recorded data is automatically transmitted to the till using industry standard encryption to ensure security. The forms are customisable and can feature your charity’s branding giving peace of mind to donors. If hard copy forms are required, these can be printed in-store or at the head office.

QBuster also processes donations from existing customers; it allows you to update donor details or retrieve a suspended donor declaration on the go.  The app monitors non-Gift Aid donations and will help you keep a close eye on how those compare to the Gift-Aided items.

CHARiot is the first HMRC recognised solution for processing Gift Aid on Rags and we’ve included this functionality within the app to allow you to capture rag items at all times regardless of till or back office availability.

Introducing QBuster into your store will mean donors and shoppers no longer need to wait in the same queue, avoiding “here are my bags, I can’t wait any longer!” This will not only improve efficiency, but offer a unique shopping experience with an increased level of customer service.

How the QBuster app works:

QBuster Mind Map

  • Reduce queues at till points, increase in-store efficiencies and boost revenue
  • Use anywhere in-store to register bag drops, new donors or update details
  • Features the Gift Aid declaration and Agency Agreement
  • Integrated Gift Aid on Rags functionality
  • Available at: App Store & Google Play


If you have any questions about our QBuster app, call 01204 706000