Charities Need to Adapt to the Digital World or Pay the Price

In mid-2016, a statistic stating that there were a huge 6 million instances of online fraud and cybercrime in the UK alone was released. When the Office for National Statistics released this figure, the nation truly realised the nature of the horrifying fact that this is one of the fastest growing areas of crime.

While the government has unveiled a recent programme with £1.9bn behind it to protect the UK from cyber criminals until 2020, this still remains a concern for businesses and, especially, for how the investment will affect the charity retail business and any related SMEs.


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Social Tools for Charity Fundraising

Many modern charities invest in digital technology to ensure their impact on their audience is maximised. Social media is typically chosen as the platform to drive people to donate, which companies like Facebook and charities alike are taking advantage of to reach a wider audience.

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Digital Learning Innovation to Help Educate UK Charities

As discussed in one of our previous blogs Alternative Online Donation Platforms for Charities, the digital world is a huge part of our daily lives and is one of the main forms of communication. As digitization increases, companies are constantly growing due to developments in technology which allows them to produce more innovative concepts for the charity sector.

The expansions in the digital world further create the need for digital learning. As advancements in ways to fund raise, connecting with the public and the main source of how charities receive donations continue to change, the charity sector needs to learn and develop simultaneously. Clear Lessons Foundation have recently launched a new digital platform which provides free video learning resources for UK charity workers and volunteers.

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UK Charities Affected by Email Fraud

UK charities rely heavily on emails, whether for internal communication or to contact donors. This is just one of the many reasons cyber security is important, especially when less than 1% of charities in the UK are protected against mail fraud and phishing attacks, a staggering figure reported by Red Sift.

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Nominet Trust Launches New Engagement Initiative for Young People

Charities aim to reach as many people as possible, to provide aid and assistance. Young people all around the UK need help from charities, and Nominet Trust has brought this to their attention. Nominet Trust, the tech for good funder, has announced the launch of its Digital Reach Programme – a pioneering initiative developed to support the UKs efforts to increase digital skills amongst some of the UKs most disadvantaged young people.

Nominet Trust have realised that by harnessing the expertise of the UKs leading youth organisations, which have developed longstanding and trusted relationships with most young people, the programme will demonstrate how they are perfectly placed to steer isolated young people towards positive futures. Continue reading

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Warwickshire Hospice to Increase Revenue with In-Store Till System

Myton Hospice, which provides a range of services for terminally ill patients and their loved ones, has upgraded its in-store electronic point of sale (EPoS) and gift aid systems with a solution from Nisyst, specialist charity solutions provider.

Myton Hospice shop in Henley

Myton Hospice shop in Henley

In a bid to utilise new revenue streams, the hospice transitioned from its previous system in its 21 stores, warehouse and head office to Nisyst’s CHARiot solution, which captures 100% of Gift Aid and doesn’t charge commission.

Cath D’Eath, retail support manager at Myton Hospice said: “We need to raise more than £8million each year to run our three hospices in Coventry, Rugby and Warwick as well as help people at the comfort of their own homes. Our retail stores play a pivotal role in generating those funds so it’s important that we continuously make sure that we’re making most of every opportunity.

“Thanks to CHARiot’s Gift Aid on Rags feature, we can now generate extra income as we’ve not been able to process Gift Aid on items marked as rag previously. Its management and sales reports informs our retail teams of what products are doing particularly well and helps them make sales decisions. We’re happy to have made this move and look forward to reaping the benefits.”

CHARiot is the only HMRC recognised solution for claiming Gift Aid on rag items. All staff and volunteers can operate the software by using a hand held scanner in the stock room to scan the barcodes specifically for rag bags that are being collected on that day.

Myton Hospice Trinity Street shop

Bob Chunilal, managing director at Nisyst said: “It is estimated that around 10% of the charity sector’s income comes from rags, but not many charities know that it’s possible to maximise this income through claiming Gift Aid. Any rag donations that have been Gift Aided by the donor are eligible for the full 25% of the sale price, thus presenting a significant additional income stream. We’re excited to have introduced this feature to Myton Hospice and will continue developing CHARiot to respond to other needs of the charity retail sector.”

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Charity Retail Specialist Launches Queue Busting App

QBuster Mind Map

Leading charity software solutions provider, Nisyst, has launched QBuster, an app for charity retailers aimed at reducing queues at till points, increasing in-store efficiencies and boosting revenue and gift aid.

Developed in collaboration with charities, the new app has been introduced as an additional feature to the market-leading CHARiot solution, ensuring that donors and shoppers no longer need to queue up together.

QBuster can be used anywhere in the store on both Android and iOS tablets and can replace standard donor forms, register signatures, generate reports and provide a bag drop processing functionality.

It includes a digital donor form which has the Gift Aid declaration and Agency Agreement, featuring the required tick box and a functional signature panel, taking the pressure away from the till point whilst cutting out the need for paperwork.

CHARiot is the first HMRC recognised solution for processing Gift Aid on Rags and QBuster includes this functionality to allow users to capture rag items at all times regardless of till or back office availability. The app also monitors non-Gift Aid donations and will help retailers keep a close eye on how those compare to the Gift-Aided items.

Bob Chunilal, managing director at Nisyst, said: “Gift Aid is an important stream of income for charities and every opportunity to maximise it has to be considered. QBuster has been developed in response to the need to capture the increasingly busy customers who don’t have time to wait around to register their details and Gift Aid their donations.

“The app enables charity staff and volunteers to register donors or update their details as and when they arrive at the store. Charity retailers can now address the scenario of ‘here are my bags – I can’t wait any longer’. QBuster is easy to use and the recorded data is automatically securely transmitted to the till minimising errors.”

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Microsoft Prize for Charity Donation App

Donating money to charities helps the running of many businesses and shops, creating a more profitable and efficient operation. It can often be a slow process, but with this in mind, Charity Digital News has reported an application that makes it easier to donate money to charity, which has won first place at Microsoft’s ‘Imagine Cup’ final. Below, we can take a look how this will be useful for helping charities. Continue reading

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Alternative Online Donation Platforms for Charities

Companies are constantly evolving and producing innovative ways with ideologies; and now charities are doing the same. Many individuals are working with charities and coming up with alternative ways to donate, changing and improving the way the charity works.

Over time, the digital world has become the way many of us interact, and it has also become the main source of how charities receive donations and engage with people. As a result, this has led to the development of alternative online donation platforms. Continue reading

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Northern Ireland cancer charity chooses CHARiot

Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) specialist, Nisyst has rolled out its market-leading charity retail EPoS system into retail shops of Cancer Focus Northern Ireland.

The CHARiot system has been installed in six of the Belfast-based charity’s shops and Head Office. Cancer Focus NI has moved to the CHARiot system with aim of increasing its Gift Aid, having previously used a manual till system.

Cancer Focus NI

Angela McGrath, Head of Retail at Cancer Focus NI, said: “Before the CHARiot installation, we were only able to claim Gift Aid on cash donations and subsequently made the transition to utilise this revenue from all Gift Aided items in our shops. The management reporting systems also encourage us to be more commercially aware, helping us to raise much needed funds to keep our cancer support services running.

“We considered other EPoS providers but in the end it wasn’t just the technology that helped make our decision. We chose Nisyst because of its people; the company is approachable, friendly and always on hand to provide support. The software itself has been greatly received by staff and volunteers.”

Bob Chunilal, managing director at Nisyst, said: “Research shows that charities across the UK are claiming less than a half of the total Gift Aid available to them so it’s always exciting to introduce new not for profit organisations to our software and help overturn these statistics.

“Our system is designed to maximise revenues and we don’t take any commission of the Gift Aid collected, enabling charities to benefit on the full return of 25% for each eligible item from HMRC.”

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