We measure the success of our service by how happy our clients are. Take a look at what some of them have to say.


CHARiot Full Scan Mode from Nisyst has removed any margin for error in our shops and has significantly increased Gift Aid capture. Thanks to Nisyst’s can-do approach to enhancing their already impressive software, our EPoS is always aligned to our revenue growth strategy and supports the growth of our retail network.

Paul Tate, New Business Manager, from The Children’s Society



We opted for the CHARiot system from Nisyst because it’s simple for our volunteers to use, uploads donor details quickly and enables us to process Gift Aid claims easily through our accounts systems. The introduction of this system to our shops marked a major change for us, but the level of service and simple-to-use technology has given us confidence all the way through the process, maximising the value of donations.

Steven Holmes, Retail and Hospice Operations Manager at St Luke’s Hospice



We decided to invest in changing from a manual system to an EPoS solution so we could introduce a new range of gift items to all our shops, which has helped us increase revenue from our shops and implement management systems that will maximise the profitability of our retail operation.

Many of our volunteers are unfamiliar with technology so it was also important for us to select an EPoS system that is simple to use as well as being intuitive with a high level of real-time technical support.

Teresa Nightingale, Head of Fundraising at Wirral Hospice St John’s


Reviewing our EPoS provider was a high priority for me when I joined All Aboard and we opted for the CHARiot system because it is very simple and intuitive, offers us a more efficient way of collecting Gift Aid and is extremely robust in terms of HMRC compliance.

Two years on, not only have we doubled the Gift Aid collection we were achieving with our old system, but we have also found the system to be 100 per cent reliable with zero errors. What’s more, Nisyst’s helpdesk ensures that any queries from our staff and volunteers are resolved quickly and easily over the phone.

Alan Haynes, Chief Executive at All Aboard


CHARiot’s Gift Aid feature is the main reason we took the leap and switched to an electronic till system and the results have exceeded our expectations in the first year. In addition, we’ve started to use the system for management information and evaluating product performance, average transaction values and managing stock. Just recently we launched a scheme of refurbishing and selling donated bicycles across all stores. Thanks to CHARiot, we can quickly overview these transactions.

John Donnelly, Retail Development Manager at Nightingale House


Before Nisyst introduced the new feature, we didn’t have a system in place to claim Gift Aid on items marked as rag. CHARiot’s GAoR solutions has been fundamental in maximising our revenue and we’re expecting that within a year of its launch it will have paid for more than a full-day of our operations. This equates to going from zero income to around £25,000. I only see this figure growing year-on-year as our staff and volunteers become more familiar with the process.

Paul Chivers, Head of Retail at St Peter’s Hospice


We chose to use the CHARiot FSM (Full Scan Mode) system because it is so intuitive and the ongoing technical support provided by the Nisyst helpdesk gives us the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our team has experts to call upon for advice whenever they need it. They even took over the hosting of our server, offering us server monitoring, managed storage and secure communications via SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Rosemary Vyse, Retail Manager at Woking & Sam Beare Hospice


Since the CHARiot roll-out, our revenue has increased by thousands of pounds. The new technology has ensured our staff and volunteers can effortlessly capture Gift Aid at every sale. We’re now able to monitor how different stock departments are performing and what product groups are selling well, which guides us in laying out our stores to increase sales. Staff and volunteers picked up the new processes quickly – everyone wants to be at the till now and loves how quick cashing up is. We plan to introduce its use for our lottery, furniture collection and delivery services in due course.

Angela Burgess, Head of Retail at Keech Hospice Care


I’ve worked with Nisyst for more than seven years and have used its CHARiot software whilst at different charities. The solution has been built from the bottom up, bespoke to the charity sector so it’s very intuitive and easy to use by staff and volunteers as well as at head office level.

Its specialist add-ons can help charities introduce additional Gift Aid income streams. We have to raise £6,300 per day to keep Willow Wood Hospice running so it’s vital that we utilise every opportunity to boost revenue.

We’ve never had issues with the solution but Nisyst’s team is always on hand if we have any enquires. I would definitely recommend CHARiot to other charity retailers.

Anthony Lord, Head of Income Generation and Marketing at Willow Wood Hospice