The CHARiot EPoS solution

Drawing on over twenty years of experience in the retail industry, we’ve developed the CHARiot EPoS solution to elevate charity retail, maximising productivity and increasing Gift Aid income across daily operations. 

A stable tried-and-tested EPoS ecosystem, CHARiot has been uniquely adapted from Nisyst’s NPoS system to suit the charity market space. Including a range of charity-specific modules, CHARiot is designed around the needs of the sector, allowing you to be more successful and efficient.

It’s a simple and straightforward retail system, built with ease-of-use for volunteers in mind, and can be carefully curated to suit your organisation’s individual needs. With over 65 charity customers, spanning over 1,000 sites, we’re recognised by HMRC and renowned for our resilient technology and cost-effective solution, with no hidden fees or commissions.

What Nisyst’s CHARiot EPoS can do for you

Secure 100% of Gift Aid revenue

HMRC-recognised solution

Volunteer-friendly EPoS solution

In-house support 7 days a week

No commission charges or hidden fees

Full training for your staff and volunteers

A range of modules to simplify daily operations

Hassle-free upgrades as standard

An innovative Gift Aid solution

Charities miss out on around £600 million of funding each year due to ineffective Gift Aid collection methods. Up to a third of donations eligible for Gift Aid are never registered. That’s a huge amount of missed funding that could go into boosting your cause. That’s why we’ve developed the CHARiot system to include a Gift Aid solution specifically designed to ensure charities don’t have to miss out.

CHARiot increases Gift Aid contributions using its Full Scan Mode (FSM) function… . As a sale cannot be processed without the FSM barcode being scanned… . Items which aren’t registered for Gift Aid can also be tracked using the innovative barcode function. You no longer need to worry about people questioning their eligibility for Gift Aid or volunteers forgetting to ask every customer.

As with all of Nisyst systems, we make technology work harder for you. With CHARiot, the front-end POS has a Gift Aid module that talks directly to HMRC servers. It only takes six clicks to submit claims to HMRC, eliminating all the tedious, time-consuming admin.

We continue to be at the forefront of the charity sector. As we help to carve the way forward for Gift Aid, you can rest assured we’ll always provide the most up to date, cutting-edge systems that just work.

Revolutionise your charity retail organisation

For a charity to run at its best, it needs innovative tools and systems in place that make daily operations simpler and more effective. 

A main goal of ours when developing CHARiot was to produce a straightforward retail system designed around the specific needs of the charity sector and its volunteers.

A wide range of charity-specific modules and reporting comes as standard. So you can ensure your charity is always running at its best. With an intuitive, bespoke system that reduces your administrative load and ensures better visibility of your organisation’s daily operations, you’re left to focus on what matters most: making even more of a difference.

As a business, we’re always looking for ways to improve and involve customers in all our developments and updates. CHARiot has been – and will continue to be – constantly improved and developed by our team of in-house experts in partnership with charities like The Children’s Society. So you can rest assured it will always meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Client Testimonials

“We’ve worked with Nisyst for seven years now and it’s quite clear to me that they are trying to create the very best ePoS product for the charity retail market and they are not content standing still. They are continually evolving, developing and, as a customer, you are always benefitting from that evolution. Retail is always changing and to know you have a software provider that’s moving with you through those changes, and who can even be a few steps ahead for you, is more than reassuring.”

“The team at Nisyst really care. As a company they take time to understand your business and will flex to meet your needs. They are passionate about their product, supportive with training and I can rest easy at night knowing our gift aid claims are 100% compliant thanks to CHARiot.”

“When CHARiot was first rolled out, our volunteers were vocal about how they didn’t like change. Within a week, they declared that our move to CHARiot was the best thing we’d ever done! This change has become a game changer for our charity retail outlets and the support offered by Nisyst, particularly the consistently speedy response from their helpdesk, continues to be excellent.”

“We have been very impressed with the help and support offered by the team at Nisyst with whom we have developed an incredibly positive working relationship with since the introduction of the CHARiot EPoS system. Their IT helpline in particular is excellent and they’re highly proactive, visiting us regularly to review our systems and processes. Their services have helped us drive our income forward and we look forward to continuing this with Nisyst in the future.”

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