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Feel at home with a heartwarming Christmas card

(Click each charity title to be taken directly to the charities online shop). What better way to spread that festive feeling than with a beautifully designed set of Christmas cards? Our charities have each produced a set of thoughtful cards that are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Better yet, you can […]

Unleash the magic of Gift Aid

Now more than ever, charities need that extra boost after being told to shut their stores during lockdown. The best way to get that boost? Gift Aid. Sometimes thought to be a complicated process, but it does not have to be. An increasing number of charities are investing in Retail Gift Aid systems that can […]

North West Entrepreneurs Join Forces to Benefit Charity Retail Sector

Three successful North West entrepreneurs have united to form an exciting, ground-breaking partnership, which will have significant, positive implications for the charity retail sector in the UK. Brothers Bob and Dave Chunilal, the entrepreneurs behind Nisyst, the Bolton based supplier of charity retail EPoS software, has joined forces with Tony Hilton, the Manchester based entrepreneur […]

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Nisyst selected as CRA Training Partner for 2020

The Charity Retail Association has announced today that, following a competitive tender for the delivery of their Retail Gift Aid training courses, corporate member Nisyst has been appointed to deliver these in 2020. Dave Chunilal, Technical Director said, “Nisyst is delighted to be selected as the Charity Retail Association’s Accredited Training Provider. As an organisation […]

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How Charities Can Boost Their Cyber Security

It’s a scary fact to know that nearly half of all UK organisations suffered a cyber breach or attack within the past 12 months, with the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 revealing that nearly seven in ten large organisations identified a breach. 2017 has been a year of increased security, and all organisations, including charities, […]

Social Tools for Charity Fundraising

Many modern charities invest in digital technology to ensure their impact on their audience is maximised. Social media is typically chosen as the platform to drive people to donate, which companies like Facebook and charities alike are taking advantage of to reach a wider audience.


Digital Learning Innovation to Help Educate UK Charities

As discussed in one of our previous blogs Alternative Online Donation Platforms for Charities, the digital world is a huge part of our daily lives and is one of the main forms of communication. As digitization increases, companies are constantly growing due to developments in technology which allows them to produce more innovative concepts for […]


UK Charities Affected by Email Fraud

UK charities rely heavily on emails, whether for internal communication or to contact donors. This is just one of the many reasons cyber security is important, especially when less than 1% of charities in the UK are protected against mail fraud and phishing attacks, a staggering figure reported by Red Sift.

Nominet Trust Launches New Engagement Initiative for Young People

Charities aim to reach as many people as possible, to provide aid and assistance. Young people all around the UK need help from charities, and Nominet Trust has brought this to their attention. Nominet Trust, the tech for good funder, has announced the launch of its Digital Reach Programme – a pioneering initiative developed to […]