As the summer retreats and autumn arrives, it is time to give your retail premises a little facelift. Autumn offers plenty of new opportunities for retailers, and here at Nisyst, we’ve put together some ideas that may help you to make the most of the new season. Read more

Giving to charity is an act of kindness and just one person can inspire thousands more to help make a difference. Charities exist for many reasons, but often they are there to support, comfort and provide a service to people in need. People tend not make giving a part of their lives, but there are also many who give to charity regularly. So why do these people generously opt to donate?

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When people walk into a charity shop, they’re usually drawn to some items more than others. This means that you may have merchandise that sells particularly well and items no one seems to want.  Knowing what’s popular can help you stock your shop accordingly and make a bigger profit. But how can you know what will sell the most in your shop? Read more

A huge number of retailers across the globe have turned to social media as a way to promote their brand to new audiences and existing customers alike, so it’s no surprise that many charity shops are doing the same.

However, successful social media usage isn’t just about a sales approach. Done in the right way, it’s possible to increase the number of customers through your door and subsequently boost the amount of sales. Here are five top tips from us here at Nisyst. Read more

Charity shops in the UK are now raising in excess of £290m every year: in the process, they’re providing volunteering opportunities to more than 200,000 people and paid employment to around 17,000, as well as raising vital funds for the charities they support. For charity shop managers, however, there are some tricky decisions to make – such as how to price the goods that are sold. Read more

Hospices rely on the enthusiasm and generosity of donors who want to share what they have and thus donate money to them. However, did you know that despite the fact that retail Gift Aid is worth £60 million per year, much of this is lost? Well, sadly this is because of poor management of Gift Aid Collection. Read more

Charity shops work because they can sell items, such as clothing, toys and jewellery, and give it a second life, which means that most shops receive a wide variety of clean and functional donations that can be arranged to match the summer season. Keeping your shop looking sensational and summery may not be essential, but it can certainly drive the sales up – just as preparing it for prom season does! Read more

Volunteers are the backbone of charity shops: they provide their free time to work unpaid for a cause they believe in. There is a lot of hard work involved in volunteering, and this experience can be very rewarding and help your shop to succeed.

Having volunteers with the right traits ensures that expectations are met and that your shop runs smoothly.

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Over the past few years, online shopping has become a huge convenience for many people. Even some of the larger charities have jumped at the chance of having their own online shop!

But is it really worth putting some of your donations up for sale on the web through platforms such as eBay – or even your own website like charity giants Oxfam has done?

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As a charity shop, it’s important that you maintain a steady flow of conversation with the people who directly influence your cause; your donators. The people that donate money and items to your charity are the people who are helping you to continue doing the good work that you are.

So how can you recognise the impact that donors have had on the success of your charity?

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