So you might have survived the Christmas sales with amazing results but what about the January sales? While we hope you’ve all had a fantastic festive holiday, providing EpoS systems for charity shops has shown us how important it is for you to hit the January sales head on if you want your 2016 to start off productively. Read more

‘Tis the season to be charitable, and with all of the amazing, hard working charities in the previous months working hard collecting for their cause, we didn’t realise how fast 2015 was coming to an end. Seriously, it feels like only yesterday we were stumbling into 2015 after amazing New Year’s Day celebrations, readying our tills and quality hospice EPoS systems for a hard years work in your stores. Read more


It’s the final month of 2015 and we’ve got a couple of December charities we thought you should know about. It may be the middle of December, and you may see customers racing around your charity shop searching for the best Christmas present for their nearest and dearest, but there are a couple of charities you can still help during these colder months! Read more

December is the busiest time of the year for retailers which will hopefully mean an increase in custom and donations made in your store. During this hustle bustle it may be a good idea to install EPoS charity retail systems which could make sales quick and easy for both your customers and staff in order to provide the most efficient service possible. Read more

Fundamentally, Christmas time is all about giving and promoting a sense of good will toward everyone – that includes family, friends and strangers alike. Of course, in our modern society a lot of people associate Christmas with money because it’s perhaps the most expensive time of year for a lot of them.

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November might have been the month for you to enjoy spectacular bonfires and honour our fallen service men and women, but did you know this month also offers days dedicated to raising awareness for World Diabetes, BBC Children in Need and National Stress Awareness? Though these dates have already past, there’s a lot still to look forward to, starting today; World Prematurity Day. Read more

Before you ask, yes we’re aware that it’s only November – and early November at that. But we’re also very aware that many people like to get their Christmas card shopping done early, so that when Christmas plays on the mind of masses more heavily, you’ll already have your cards written and ready to send. It also helps that you’ll get first dibs on the best cards on the market. Read more

The winter season can be a joyous, enjoyable time for many people, but as we work closely with many different charities when providing our charity retail systems, we know that this sadly isn’t the case for everyone. Read more

We are delighted to announce we have been named a finalist in the Software Innovation of the Year category for the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2015.


Being the first of its kind on the market, we were shortlisted for our innovative Full Scan Mode (FSM) software for our CHARiot system which has been rolled out to all of our customers to ensure 100% capture of Gift Aid to maximise revenue and minimise admin.

We will be attending the Digital Entrepreneur Awards at the Palace Hotel in Manchester on Wednesday 11 November 2015. Follow us on Twitter @NisystEPoS to find out how we get on!

The shortlist comes after we were crowned Supplier of the Year at the Charity Retail Association Awards earlier this year. Nominated by national UK charity and customer, The Children’s Society, we were thrilled to accept the award.

We’d like to welcome Michael Flemming to the team, who is our new trainer at Nisyst.

Mike Flemming

Michael, from Rochdale, has more than 15 years’ of experience working with EPoS software systems, and will lead our informative training sessions at Nisyst HQ and on-site for charity shop staff and volunteers who will then go on to use our software.

Lee Armstrong is now project manager, leading on new installations and software updates, and Daniel Ruddock has also been promoted to account manager. Daniel’s role will involve being wholly dedicated to our customers with any enquiries or feedback they have.

Collaboration with our customers is at the heart of everything we do and the driving force of our software development. Daniel’s personal and caring approach mirror’s our company ethos as we’re always praised for the attention to detail our support staff take when troubleshooting for our customers.

Sales director at Nisyst, Geoff Evans, said: “We recognise the importance of managing our customers and adding value at every stage, and to achieve this we have now introduced an account management function within our business to act as a single point of contact for business issues and discussions.

“This will mean that there will a resolution or answer to anything that comes up at any stage and will allow Nisyst to meet the customer’s expectations at all times.”

For more information about how our team supports customers, click here