The way your charity shop floor is organised will determine how your customers view your shop and how much time they want to spend in it. The layout can increase sales, depending on how you take advantage of the season of the year, the events going on in your town, or the items you have in your shop. You can try new, fun ways of engaging your customers by organising your shop floor in a creative way.

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All around the world, charity shops are well known for their incredible value. Whether it’s clothing, books or even bric-a-brac, shoppers will usually be able to find an item for a cheaper price than it originally retailed for. Read more

Catching someone’s eye with a shop window can be tricky; creativity is what will get customers talking. Props, lighting, and storytelling will engage passersby to stop and look at your shop window. Who doesn’t love when a shop window invokes good feelings?

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In general, retail stores are designed in a very specific way in order to increase foot traffic and boost sales. This isn’t any different when it comes to charity retail stores. The interior and layout of your store is one of the best ways to do two very important things; encourage people to spend money and persuade them to return.

Want to attract more customers to your charity store? Looking to encourage more browsing? Trying to find ways to get more sales through the checkout system? Keep on reading…

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Businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways in which they can improve the way in which they function. This may be through speeding up sales transactions, saving money or even just simply bring in more money into the business through boosting sales. Read more

Back in July, we were delighted to be announced as being ‘Supplier of the Year’ in the Charity Retail Awards. We were nominated by The Children’s Society, a company whom we’ve worked closely with for over 5 years. We provided them with our innovative CHARiot EPoS system and worked alongside them to develop new functionality. Read more

Running a charity shop isn’t always the easiest job, especially when you find yourself struggling for donations. This doesn’t just mean money; a lot of charity shops find themselves low on stock as people stop donating their unwanted stuff. Read more


So you might have survived the Christmas sales with amazing results but what about the January sales? While we hope you’ve all had a fantastic festive holiday, providing EpoS systems for charity shops has shown us how important it is for you to hit the January sales head on if you want your 2016 to start off productively. Read more

December is the busiest time of the year for retailers which will hopefully mean an increase in custom and donations made in your store. During this hustle bustle it may be a good idea to install EPoS charity retail systems which could make sales quick and easy for both your customers and staff in order to provide the most efficient service possible. Read more

When you go to a charity shop, it can a bit overwhelming when you realise the layout of the store is unlike anything else you’re used to. Everything has its place to be sure, but with the amount of widely different items that people bring into the stores on a daily basis, it would be hard to find a unique and clear for absolutely everything.

What you may not know however is while charity shops are famed for their incredibly cheap prices, you can often find items that would normally cost ten times the amount priced buried in between several other bargain items – but, it’s for that exact reason you can easily miss such vintage and treasured items, as everything’s a bargain!  Read more