Our solution

Our innovative charity EPoS system, CHARiot, has been built to ensure maximum productivity and profitability for charitable organisations. From allowing you to capture 100% of Gift Aid revenue to giving you complete visibility and control of your stock, our technology works harder so you don’t have to.

Based on Nisyst’s NPoS solution, CHARiot is a stable, feature-rich EPoS system, including a variety of modules that specifically target challenges faced by the charity sector. Through rigorous testing, we’re confident our system will work from day one – no hassle at all.

The CHARiot system is volunteer-friendly, easy to use, and a straightforward way to provide a premium customer service across your entire operation.

Touchscreen EPOS System

Making technology work harder for your organisation

Touchscreen EPOS System

We knew we wanted to create a solution that would take the hassle out of charity retail operations. If you’re investing in new technology, we think it should make your business operations as easy and effective as possible.  

The only retail system of its kind on the market, CHARiot uses touch-screen hardware and provides a user-friendly end-to-end solution for your retail staff and volunteers. Make the most out of every sale with our innovative Gift Aid solution that automatically sends claims to HMRC in a few clicks.

At Nisyst, we take pride in creating solutions that cater directly to our clients’ needs. Before installing a new system, we discuss in-depth what they want and why. We then work our hardest to incorporate all of this into a ready-to-use solution that makes your daily operations a breeze.

We proudly maintain long-term relationships with a whole host of clients across the charity sector. Our solution is one of the simplest on the market, with no hidden admin costs; you just get exactly what you need to achieve even more for your cause.

And if you already have a charity EPoS system in place – or are looking to switch over from a manual operation – don’t worry, transitioning over to CHARiot is made easy and hassle-free by our experienced and dedicated team.

How it Works

Simple store management

With our current generation of software – we’ve taken decades of experience working with complex systems and distilled them into the most straightforward, yet feature-rich EPoS system possible. Crafted over years of partnership with our charity sector clients, and accumulating endless feedback on what organisations like yours want and need from a system, we’ve developed a solution that makes running your organisation far simpler.

CHARiot incorporates a cloud server for head office and an installed system on the till points. There’s functionality to generate reports through our highly requested web reporting solution, covering everything you need to better understand your operation. On top of this, our customers benefit from detailed, HMRC-recognised auditing tools.

It also includes a comprehensive suite of real-time dashboards that can be accessed remotely via phone or tablet. This provides reports on everything from sales, profits, and Gift Aid information, to budgets and KPIs with weekly, monthly, or annual breakdowns for a specific store, region, or company.

Regular, hassle-free system updates as standard

We’ve become well-renowned in the industry for the reliability and stability of our EPoS solutions, offering upgrades as standard for all customers. We’re constantly innovating our technology to ensure our customers always get the most out of their system. 

Every change to the CHARiot solution is based on feedback from existing customers and our own extensive insight into the charity retail industry and EPoS systems.

Our newest system CHARiot Web is coming later this year, a hybrid solution that offers both online and offline functionality. It will consist of a web-based head office and reporting module, with independently operating tills. Should your network crash on site, the tills will continue to work seamlessly by themselves, playing catch-up behind the scenes whenever the network goes live again. CHARiot Web will also introduce a tablet POS with a custom-made application specifically for its operating system and more extensive web reporting, so watch this space.

What CHARiot Can Do For You

  • Remote log-in to manage the system and support back ups.

  • Back office scanners, printers for Gift Aid, and integrated chip and PIN.

  • Track movement of all items, providing an efficient stock management control system with no admin.

  • A competitively priced, effective solution with no hidden fees.

  • 1st line to 3rd line support 7 days a week and next-day site visits if required.

  • Easy transition, even if you have an existing EPoS system.

  • Reporting and MI features included.

  • Tools available to track and record petty cash with no extra admin.

  • Ability to create and process purchase orders.

  • Easy-to-use control features for voids.

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