Take back control with Nisyst’s CHARiot EPoS system

Our Full Scan Mode (FSM) CHARiot system gives you the control you need to run a more profitable and efficient operation – with just one bar code. Our Single Scan Barcode update enables tighter pricing processing for donated goods and a faster transaction time at the till. SSB not only speeds up the process for customers in your stores but also improves efficiencies with easy to use department tabs which allow your shops to amend pricing and rotate stock seamlessly.

We’re constantly innovating our technology to ensure our customers get the best out of their charity EPoS system – putting an end to admin heavy and time consuming stock management issues. That’s why we developed and launched our eBay link. Our customers told us that although utilising eBay was great, the process was very manual, time consuming and lengthy, our eBay link reduces levels of manual input and allows better control over gift aid on donated goods.

Providing an easy to use, end-to-end solution, both head office and staff you can easily log onto the system in-store or remotely, to track all movement of items, whether they are Gift Aided or not. We give you full management control of the charity retail system without the extra cost or admin.


  • Fully managed system enabling you to track all stock, including goods in, transfer of goods and ‘rag’ items.

  • Reporting and MI features included.

  • Head office and store remote support, and back ups.

  • Gift Aid printers for front or back office.

  • Easy transition, even if you have an existing EPoS system.

  • Tools to track and record petty cash with no extra admin.

  • Ability to create and process purchase orders.

  • Back office scanners for Gift Aid and integrated chip and pin.

  • Easy to use control features for voids.

  • No extra administration fees or commission for stock control features.

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