Training, Guidance & Support for Staff & Volunteers

Nisyst understands it’s your volunteers and your team that make the difference. The installation of Nisyst’s CHARiot is just the start of our journey with you. We care about our customers and know that it’s important for the staff and volunteers who will be using the system to understand it fully, and get the support and training they need.

Training courses, undertaken by the experienced team at Nisyst, ensure you have a fully motivated and informed team, ready to use the system. We also provide training for head office staff, including store remote access and system back up processes. Not only do we provide training on how to use the system, but help build confidence for the volunteers to approach people donating items to ensure they register for Gift Aid, as well as a full understanding of how the Gift Aid process works.

After a training session with us, your staff and volunteers will be informed, motivated and at ease with our system, ensuring a profitable organisation for you, year after year. Unlike other charity EPoS system suppliers, we also provide a 24/7 support network even after we’ve installed the system – that’s why our clients never leave us.



  • Delivered by experienced and friendly team at Nisyst.

  • Staff and volunteers will leave fully informed, motivated and reassured.

  • Training also includes understanding the Gift Aid process.

  • Help line available 7 days a week for troubleshooting – 01204 706000.

  • We don’t sub-contract training out, all sessions held by Nisyst.

  • Easy to use system with minimal key strokes.

  • Full support from Nisyst from specification right through to post-installation.

  • Next day site visits for all technical help if required.

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