We’ve tried to answer all your questions in our FAQs but if you still want to know more why not contact us?

Yes, the transition from another provider is a simple process and we have facilitated many transitions for clients.  When changing your current charity shop EPoS system or transferring from a manual operation, our highly experienced in-house support network are here for you every step of the way. We sit down and discuss your current situation in detail and assist you through each stage of the transition to CHARiot.

Yes, we work with charities and hospices of all sizes, and our CHARiot system is suitable for both. No matter how big or small your organisation all our customers receive comprehensive system training backed by a strong support network including an in-house information help line, on-site support, installation guidance, and the peace of mind that you’re working with a company with more than 20 years of experience.

As a charity EPoS solutions provider, we have 25 years of experience in the retail sector, which includes almost a decade of working specifically in the charity market place. The product knowledge in our team is extensive, and we’re always on hand to help with queries, every day of the week.

A large number of the key people at Nisyst have been with the company for over 14 years and we have a personal and caring approach. The team knows the industry inside out, ensuring you’re able to maximise on your margins and ultimately run a profitable and successful organisation.

You can easily book a demonstration by calling our team on 01204 706000 or email sales@nisyst.co.uk , and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Our CHARiot EPoS solution was developed with volunteers in mind and its unique Full Scan Mode (FSM) is unlike any other system on the market. CHARiot maximises your Gift Aid revenue as a sale cannot be processed without the FSM barcode being scanned.

What also makes us different is that we listen to our customers, developing solutions which will benefit their business. All our newest developments such as FSM (Full Scan Mode), Gift Aid on Rags, the charity Lottery solution and Real Time Dashboard – have all been achieved as a result of listening to our customers’ needs and wants, working closely with them to bring definite improvements.

Unlike other charity EPoS suppliers, we work in partnership with you, providing a strong support network even after we’ve installed the system. Software support is handled by our very experienced in-house team.  We don’t use automated systems – just a helpful and experienced team simply a call away, 7 days a week, and next day site visits if required – 01204 706000.

Yes, very easy! Our CHARiot system was designed with staff and volunteers in mind. It takes just six keystrokes to process a sale, which is far fewer keystrokes than with any other system on the market – whether the item is new or donated.  The CHARiot screen is very intuitive, and has assistance prompts that appear at any stage if the volunteer has made a slight error or needs help – so you can’t go wrong.

Retail Gift Aid is worth £60 million a year, and much of this is lost through ineffective Gift Aid collection – so we developed a solution to help you maximise your margins.

Using Toshiba ST A20 EPoS hardware, CHARiot not only captures 100% of Gift Aid through its Full Scan Mode (FSM) function, but allows easy access to efficient management tools including full tracking and stock control. FSM ensures that volunteers must scan everything with a label attached – therefore significantly reducing any lost or missed Gift Aid sales.

Thanks to CHARiot, many of our customers have reported an increase in their HMRC contributions.

There are four software upgrades per annum.  We will discuss each one in full with you, and send any documentation needed for the upgrade. But our highly experienced team are always happy to help if you have any queries – 01204 706000.

Yes, there is the function to generate over 400 varieties of reports in the back office covering everything you need to know as a business. CHARiot also has a comprehensive suite of real-time dashboards that can be accessed remotely via phone or tablet.  This provides reports on everything from sales and profits to Gift Aid information, as well as budgets and KPI’s with weekly, monthly or annual breakdowns for a specific store, region or company.

Yes – the installation of our CHARiot system is just the start of our journey with you. We appoint a project manager to take you through the whole planning and implementation phases from start to finish.  This enables a smooth transition to the new CHARiot solution and also provides the reassurance of having dedicated support for any post-installation actions or questions.

Yes, we know that it’s important for the staff and volunteers who will be using the system to understand it fully, and our training courses will ensure you have a fully motivated and informed team, ready to use the system. As with all of our customers, we would work with you to plan the training sessions before starting training the people involved. Normally this would be ‘train the trainer’ or classroom style training and we would also provide comprehensive documentation for future training.

Yes, the root of our business is to look after our customers and we’re committed to supporting you as an organisation and the volunteers working in your shops. We provide software and hardware support, as well as general enquiries.

If a member of staff or a volunteer needs help or general support whilst in the shop, our experienced team are just a phone call away, 7 days a week – eliminating any stress for the volunteer and customer alike.

As we own and have developed the CHARiot software and associated services over many years, we are able to react quickly to change and adapt to our customers’ needs.  We measure the success of our service by how happy our clients are and strive to collaborate with customers to build long-standing relationships as a valued partner – that’s why our clients never leave us.

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