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EPoS system

Three ways your EPoS system can help your team work smarter

Teamwork can grow your business, but the question is: how can you encourage your team to produce better results? Almost 75% of employees value teamwork, making this a top priority for all growing charities.  When you work with a set of people…
EPoS system

Seven questions to ask when choosing an EPoS system

Choosing the right EPoS system is of paramount importance to your charity retail operations. They can checkout faster, boost productivity, give you oversight of your sales and inventory, and even help you maximise Gift Aid contributions.  But…
Online shopping

How OpenCart can help you adapt to a post-pandemic market

Consumers are constantly looking for more and more convenient ways to shop. It’s predicted that by 2024, 88.4% of UK shoppers will be doing so online. And the pandemic only increased consumers’ need for online shopping.  Physical stores…
Brand loyalty

How tech can help you maintain brand loyalty

A company is nothing without its customers. No matter the business, customer loyalty is always one of the most important factors. You want to deliver a service that keeps them coming back again and again. You want them to look at your brand…
tech for fundraising

Three ways charities are using tech for fundraising in 2021

When we think of charities and fundraising, we think of traditional methods, like encouraging donations with street volunteers and partaking in events such as bake sales and marathons. But times are changing. Young donors are twice as likely…
PoSReady 7

PoSReady 7 – three reasons you need to upgrade your charity operating system

As you might have heard, PoSReady 7 OS, the operating system used in most tills, is approaching its end of life (EoL). This basically means that in October 2021, the vendor will stop delivering support services for the product.  So what…
EPoS system

Three ways an EPoS system can take your charity to the next level

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With lockdown restrictions leading to a decrease in cash flow, the coronavirus pandemic has been causing some very real concerns for the charity sector. But with the vaccine rolling out at an impressive rate, a post-lockdown country is on the…
boost efficiency

How can charities use tech to boost efficiency?

Technology is constantly evolving. It’s always offering new solutions and more efficient, effective ways to tackle problems or take the strain off demanding workloads. For the charity sector, it can be a huge boon. Tech innovations are finding…

Feel at home with a heartwarming Christmas card

(Click each charity title to be taken directly to the charities online shop). What better way to spread that festive feeling than with a beautifully designed set of Christmas cards? Our charities have each produced a set of thoughtful…
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