Helping our clients every step of the way.

As well as providing a robust retail system that responds to the charity sector’s unique challenges, at Nisyst, we’re committed to partnering with you in the long term. 

Whether it’s through our extensive training to get you and your staff comfortable and confident with the CHARiot system, our in-depth installation support, or always being on the other end of the phone for any issues you have, we’re always happy to help.

CHARiot training

We understand that charity retail has a lot of moving parts. And that to excel as an organisation, everyone on your team needs to be informed, empowered, and on the same page. 

As is the nature with charity organisations, much of your support will come from volunteers. That’s why – as well as making sure the CHARiot system is easy-to-use in the first place – we ensure all staff and volunteers understand it fully. And not only that, but we ensure they’re confident to reap all the benefits CHARiot has to offer.

Our experienced and friendly in-house team provides extensive training courses for all clients, leaving you fully informed, motivated, and reassured with how the system works and exactly what it can do for your organisation. Our training also includes insight into how the Gift Aid process works, empowering your volunteers to make sure they register every customer. 

We can also provide training for your head office staff, including store remote access and system backup processes.

Customer support

We work in partnership with you from specification, through to installation, and far beyond. First, we make sure that changing your charity EPoS system, or transferring from a manual operation, is as seamless as possible. 

Installing Nisyst’s CHARiot retail system, however, is only the beginning. We then provide a 24/7 support network for all our clients, ensuring they’re always getting the most out of their system.

Our entire team boasts extensive technical and industry insight, meaning we can help with any queries or questions. We become an extension of your own team, making sure you’re operating as successfully as possible and making the largest impact for your cause. 

We don’t use automated support systems – just a helpful, experienced team that’s only ever a call away, 7 days a week. Call our in-house helpline on 01204 706000 if you’re ever in any doubt. And, if required, we provide next-day site visits for any technical support.

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