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Now more than ever, charities need that extra boost after being told to shut their stores during lockdown. The best way to get that boost? Gift Aid. Sometimes thought to be a complicated process, but it does not have to be. An increasing number of charities are investing in Retail Gift Aid systems that can automate much of the process for you.

A Retail Gift Aid system could come in handy when you are serving a customer who selects a Gift Aided item. A barcode label could be placed on the item so that it can be scanned in seconds. Your system could then recognise that your item has been sold and if it is Gift Aided, track and log the sale back to the original donor. This means that your charity is less likely to miss out on Gift Aid as you will not have to write it down, which is easy to forget when you are extra busy.

Due to the accuracy of barcode scanners, it is less likely mistakes will be made. Plus, you could operate multiple selling channels such as donated goods in-store, online, or eBay, while still capturing Gift Aid revenue.

What we offer:

EPoS Systems that maximise Gift Aid

Nisyst also offer a single scan barcode which could speed up the selling process. Specific barcodes could be created so that when you scan them the system automatically knows what the item is and who donated it. If the item is scanned more than once, the system will prevent Gift Aid from being overclaimed.

Additionally, the single scan barcode could potentially reduce the chances of fraud. As the label says what the item is, if it was placed on another item, the system would tell you what the correct item is on the screen.

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Our software could also help Gift Aid from recycled products such as rags. The system has the option of allowing a user to record rags in kilos against a donors record while logging the sale through and allowing you to report of this later.

Gift Aid is now quicker and easier to collect, according to Haven Hospices CEO Trevor Johnson, who invested in our CHARiot software who said that, “Within a week, our volunteers said it was the best thing we’d ever done for the charity. The new Gift Aid process with full scan code in particular has been a game changer for us.”

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Updated: 26/10/2020